ADaM Asset Management
ADaM Enhancements
Detailed Asset Information

Effective asset management starts with detailed and complete information about the assets. Detailed information for each asset includes a short description, memo description, multiple identification fields such as serial number, tag i.d., multiple sorting and look up fields and asset manager fields. Each asset can be categorized and includes unlimited user defined fields. Multiple locations information keeps track of where the assets are located. General comments also provide additional space for dated activity comments.

Financial and Depreciation

The financial information for each asset is kept seperate from the general information and can be secured by user. The financial details include the original cost basis, salvage value, asset classification for depreciation purposes, estimated life and depreciation methods, plus depreciation history and status. Special flags are included for Section 179 expense, Bonus depreciation and Investment tax credit. Finally for leased or rented assets, a special section provides information unique to the lease transaction and terms.

Maintenance Scheduling

Keep track of important preventative maintenance and administrative dates with asset maintenance scheduling. Maintenance/Service codes can be set up to describe the type of maintenance required, and then scheduled for each asset. Scheduling can be done by date and/or meter with maintenance intervals by days or meter units. Special instructions are included for every maintenance action. Standard costs and default technician can also be added to further define the maintenance or service required. The maintenance schedule is monitored and used by the maintenance scheduling and alert system. Maintenance schedule templates can be defined for similar units.


Multiple images and/or documents can be attached to each asset. Important documents can be recalled electonically. On-line service manuals can be retreived instantly. Multiple images for identification and insurance purposes can be attached to every asset. A primary image can be flagged to display for the asset maintenance program. Every attachment can be easily viewed whether it is an image, MS Word document, PDF, scanned image, or even web addresses.

Maintenance Due Notifications

The maintenance scheduling inquiry allows assets to be sorted, filtered and displayed based on their maintenance due date or meter reading. An automatic notification system can notify the asset manager, maintenance manager, or asset operator when maintenance or service is due. Notifications can be through the ADaM messaging system, by email, by text messaging or any combination of those methods. The maintenance scheduling system will also display the last date and meter when that maintenance was accomplished. The system will also calculate the next maintenance date and meter.

Fuel and Maintenance Import

The Asset Transaction Import program allows maintenance or service transactions to be imported into the system, updating the asset transaction activity and automatically alerting any maintenance due. Vendors and service providers can provide files that can be updated into the system. The Asset Transaction Import can accomodate different file formats such as delimited text files, MS Excel files and .CSV files. The important activity fields can be mapped from the provided files and a cross reference table can be created when the asset number is not referenced in the source file. A conversion log records any import exceptions, with date and time stamp of all import activity.